News >> April 24, 2013 - Interview with TEDxFenway Emcee, Jennifer Driscoll


BOSTON, MA—April 24, 2013  TEDxFenway announced that Jennifer Driscoll, President of Broadview Marketing, has been selected as the official emcee of TEDxFenway. Jennifer has been living in Boston for almost 2 decades and shares some of her thoughts on the city below. To learn more about our emcee, please check out her bio HERE <

What excites you about TEDxFenway?

Good things happen when ideas are shared and received.  TEDx is proof of that!  TEDx Fenway will cultivate questions, ideas, and feedback, which will in turn encourage a new way of thinking.  This event will bring together key people in the Greater Boston community that can and do influence positive change.

What are a few of your favorite TEDx talks? 

I’m looking forward to listening and learning from all of the TEDx Fenway speakers. I’m personally interested in hearing the talk on How We Engage Stakeholders in Creating Thriving Ecologies in Our Communities.  Stakeholders are the foundation in developing our communities.  They hold a deep responsibility As a visual person, my attention will also be on Audio Concepts digital drawing app, and the Sculpture Bar, by the Energy Necklace Project and studio2sustain.  Both will ultimately provoke ideas that are new to all of us.

The theme of TEDxFenway is “The Ecology of a Great City.” What is your definition of a “Great City,” and which elements do you think are essential in building a strong, vibrant community? 

The ecology of a ‘Great’ city is the realization of a shared vision of its inhabitants and a sustainable path to an ever-evolving and adaptable community that continues to thrive throughout time.  Fenway is the vibrant culture center of Boston – the oldest in the country.  Its energy has nourished a strong pulse.  Fenway has played host to new ideas, cultures, and philosophical views for centuries on end.  Its the perfect Petri dish to cultivate an already Great City.

Do you have any favorite memories of the Fenway? 

I came to Boston in the mid 90’s.  I was on my own, single and brand new to the city.  It was a matter of days before I fell in love with every bend in Boston’s maze of streets, every blade of grass in the Fens, and every perfectly preserved historic building throughout the city.  I discovered a new world in Fenway.  One that held everything I loved – art, theater, music, architecture, gardens, parks, nature, trails, paths – all in the middle of Boston.  I, of course, discovered the area on my way to my first Red Sox game.  I spent that summer in Fenway visiting every gallery, museum, and performance I could find.  Its been almost 20 years since my first visit, and I still am discovering things I never knew existed in Fenway.